Apartment rental 2+kk in hotel complex, Nesebar, Bulgaria

pohled na hotelový komplex

Apartment rental 2+kk in hotel complex, Nesebar, Bulgaria

We are exclusively offering renting of a fantastic and completely equipped 2+kk apartment about 61m². Apartment is a part of a modern hotel complex in a beautiful town Nesebar in Bulgaria. The whole resort is in scenic landscape where you can relax wonderfully. Apartment has fully furnished kitchen with all needed appliances, generous living room and a cozy bedroom with balcony. Modern bathroom with shower and toilet is of course included. Apartment has two balconies with astonishing view at the sea. Part of it is an entrance to the pool which is part of the hotel and to the beach with a several great restaurants. With everything else a great restaurant with a beach bar is also included. Hotel complex is 30 kilometres away from the airport. Apartment offers complete comfort and place where can stay up to 4 people, available for rent year-round.

For more information contact us. Long-term rentals have a possibility to have a discount.

Information about the town Nesebar

Nesebar is one the most beautiful and historically one of the most important places in Bulgaria. Their historic town sometimes remain of Greece architecture. It is located on a small peninsula on the coast of the Black Sea. This place is known for their deep history which extends to the Middle Age. The town is written in the World Heritage UNESCO thanks to their historic monuments, narrow paved aisles and traditional Bulgarian architecture. Nesebar offers to their guests not only cultural and historical experiences, but also beautiful beaches, modern restaurants, bars and shops. Water sports lovers will be in their element here, because near the town is a Marina Nesebar which offers rental of the water scooters, windsurfing, snorkeling and diving. This Bulgarian city will certainly interest relaxation lovers, as there is also a beautiful wellness center near the apartment and you can also go for massages. If you like golf, you can also visit the golf course. You also have the opportunity to ride horses around Nessebar. This place is certainly ideal, both for vacation and permanent residence.


  • Building: Hotel complex
  • Object status: Very good
  • Object location: Hotel complex with direct access to the beach
  • Usable area: 61 m2
  • Equipment: Yes
  • Electricity: 230V
  • Water: Water supply
  • Heating: Central electric
  • Waste: Public sewerage
  • Telecommunication: Telephone, Internet, Satellite, Cable TV
  • Transport: Highway, Road, Bus
  • Communication: Concrete, Asphalt


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Obývák apartmán
hotelový komplex Nesebar
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bazén a lehátka druhá část
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