Discover the Charm of Nesebar ant the benefits of investing in Bulgaria!

Investment in real estate aboard is becoming more and more popular among Czech investors. Bulgaria and of course the city Nesebar in on the top of the list of destinations thanks to their better conditions, rich history and beautiful nature.
Why should you think about invest here?

  1. Property prices in Bulgaria are still very able to compete from other European destinations. This means that you can secure a very favourable investment at a good price.
  2. Bulgaria is experiencing growing interest from tourists. That leads to higher demand after accommodation, which is ideal opportunity for investors who are focused on rental properties. 
  3. Bulgaria is located in the heart of the Balkans, making it accessible for tourists from all over Europe and beyond. Besides it, seaside resorts as Nesebar offer beautiful beaches and a pleasant climate. 
  4. Bulgaria has stable economy with growing GDP and low inflation, which provide to safe space for investments.

Nesebar: The Pearl of the Black Sea

Nesebar is one of the oldest cities in Europe and is written on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

What makes Nesebar that special?

Nesebar is a city with rich history that leads back to antiquity. The city is full of old churches, archaeological monuments and picturesque streets, which attracts visitors from all over the world.

It is located on a small peninsula in the Black Sea, offering breathtaking views and opportunities to do water sports and recreations. In Nesebar you will find Marina Nesebar, where you can rent scooters, for example.

Besides beautiful monuments and nature, Nesebar is known for their cultural events and festivals, which introduce visitors to local traditions and habits. 

This town is near the airport in Burgas, which leads to great availability to tourists and investors.

Nesebar doesn’t has only historic treasure but also a great opportunity for investors looking for favourable investments in attractive locations. Thinking about buying property abroad? Nesebar could be your ideal destination.

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